Frequently Asked Questions

How will I earn 100k in my first year?

LevlUp compensates based on a 70/30 split of the gross earnings. The calculator below shows how the compensation package is calculated for different hourly rates based on a chosen hour week and 25 days off per year.

Hours per week:
Hourly rate:

We do not hire graduates or newcomers to the industry with no experience. You will typically be able to command a rate of €80 per hour at a minimum and that in combination with our golden hello will set you up for earnings of 100k.

What hourly rate can I expect to achieve?

In general, the major factors that determine your rate are:

  • The sector (government, finance, retail, etc.) and the client (some clients pay well, others not so well).
  • Your experience, usually based on the number of years you have worked professionally (full-time, after graduation) in similar roles and with similar technology.
  • The position/role – architects usually command a higher rate than developers, for example.
  • The technology you specialise in. For example, back-end developers often command a higher rate than front-end developers.

We will not hire individuals that cannot achieve a rate of €80 per hour, which in practice usually means you will have had at least 2-3 years, full-time professional experience after graduating.

What is the base salary?

The base salary is €4000 per month excluding the holiday allowance or €4,333 including the allowance if you opt to have it paid monthly. You receive this regardless of whether you are on assignment or not so it provides a significant level of security for you and your dependents.

What are the “deductions”?

The costs of employment, such as employers wage tax and employee pension contributions, are rolled up into this figure.

Read more about how we view mandatory payments here

When do I receive the bonus?

The accrued bonus for the year is paid in February of the following year. After one year of joining LevlUp you have the option to withdraw from your accrued bonus at the end of each quarter.

What is the Golden Hello?

LevlUp will pay a €15,000 bonus to new arrivals at the end of the first year.

Do you provide courses and training?

You are free to decide what and how much training you need to further your career and reach your objectives. The costs are deducted from your annual bonus.

What are LevlUp providing for me?

The daily work only you can do but our aim is to take care of everything else. This includes finding assignments, negotiating rates, tax calculations, insurance, pay-rolling and so on.

In addition, we offer you the security of a significant base salary for periods of time that, for whatever reason, you are not on assignment.

Am I employed by LevlUp or am I a freelancer?

You are in full employment and enjoy all the legal rights and assurances this affords you.

Can I carry over my existing pension?

Yes we can arrange this fully for you.

Can you tell me something about the companies I can work with?

We work for the largest Dutch and international companies with a presence in The Netherlands. These companies have business automation goals they want to achieve through the use of technology. The nature of the projects vary considerably but are typically long term in duration (years as opposed to months) and require a combination of technical, analytical and communication skills.

Will I be expected to travel?

Before starting an assignment we will determine if the customer wants you on site and how frequently. If we cannot agree in principle on this then the assignment is not considered a match and we will find another for you. Most customers, in our experience, are quite flexible when it comes to office time and remote working.

What skills and experience do I need to join LevlUp?

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Resident and eligible to work in the Netherlands
  • Fluent in English
  • Minimum 2-3 years experience in your field

I’ve just graduated but I’ve been coding for many years. Can you consider me?

For better or for worse, full-time work experience after graduation is weighed heavily in the eyes of most companies. Even if you are already a very proficient developer you will still be considered inexperienced. At this time, LevlUp is only considering “experienced” developers, 2-3 years minimum.

Must I be eligible to work in the EU?

Yes. At this time we cannot employ you if you are not an EU resident or otherwise permitted to work in the EU.

Can you explain why you structure your compensation package in the way you do?

Part of the reason to structure our compensation package in the way we do is to better align the financial interests of the employee and the employer. If you continually refuse assignments then your earnings will be significantly impacted. At the same time, if LevlUp fails to find you assignments that fulfil your requirements then it costs the company money (in the form of base salary payments). Sharing the risks and rewards fairly and proportionally is what we strive to achieve.

Am I free to choose my assignment if more than one is on offer to me?

Yes it is ultimately up to you which assignment you will take.

How many vacation days may I take??

You may take what you feel is necessary. Vacation days are non-earning days so your bonus is impacted when you take a day off. The illustrations in the table above consider that you will take 25 days off per year, excluding public holidays.

What happens if I fall ill and cannot work?

We will pay you for days you are sick but, like vacation days, you will not earn and therefore any days not earning on assignment will cut into your annual bonus.

Can I work less than a 40-hour week?

You can opt to work 40, 36 or 32 hours per week. Many of our customers permit a 9-hour working day for four days per week.

Will I get a company car?

We can facilitate the acquisition of a lease car or the transferral of an existing lease to LevlUp.

What equipment do you issue as standard?

We do not issue standard equipment like laptops, headsets, keyboards etc. LevlUp can arrange for the purchase of your equipment in a tax efficient way so that you save on costs.